This is bugging me

Jeez us 'philes can be one anal group at times. Or maybe it's just me. I set up a system at my office, and it's bugging me. The system: Linn Classik with EAR feet (Integrated, tuner, CDP), a Target wall mount stand for the Linn, 4 foot QED Silver Anniversary flat silver biwire speaker cable (MIT spades and Linn plugs), ProAc Tablette 2000 Speakers, Focus 24" stands with lead shot, and Sennheiser HD600 cans. I listen at low levels to avoid disturbing others; when I feel the need for full range sound I put my headphones on. Damned decent system for an office. So what's bugging me? The power cord. I'm using the stock power cord that came with the Linn and it's kinda, well, stock. To make matters worse the electrical outlet is 8 feet away so I'm using a $4 6' extension cord to plug it in. This, my fellow 'philes, is bugging me. It's been bugging me since I set the system up. I need a 8' power cord that is not stupidly expensive (bear in mind the Linn is $1500) and the set up isn't exceptionally critical. DIY is out of the question, my soldering techniques leave more than a little to be desired. Where can I find a cheap 8'power cord?
Check out the Monster Power Conditioners if you don't have one. The Cords on them are 14 AWG and are 8 feet long. The HTS2000 is even recommended by Stereophile. Then use a good regular length cord from it to your equipment.
Another scenario: make your own. Buy a long run of 8 or so AWG, double-shielded, Belden (or whatever the local rat-shack can propose). Buy a hospital grade IEC and wall plug. Looking at the IEC with the ground on top (apex of the triangle, so to speak), the right connector is "live". Check out the live on the wall outlet and the corresponding pin on the plug. Connect IEC -> cord -> plug accordingly. Make sure all wires are WELL CONNECTED and are NOT TOUCHING each other. It's simple really!

At best, you have a reasonably performing power cord. At worst, you'll have had fun!

Don't they have electronoc supply houses in your area? Ask for the Belden catalogue or get on line and find the power cord of your dreams for $15-$20.
I thought that Stealth Audio had a "high-end" extension cord. Not sure of the cost or how good it is. But you might check it out. I've found the Custom Power Cord Company Model 11 power cord to be good value for the money at $290 for 6' new and around $150-$175 used; 8' shouldn't be much more.
could try one of the absolute power cords listed on this website. suppose to be a giant killer at fifty bucks and comes in standard eight footers. kurt
I would second Sugarbrie's recomendation of the Monster power conditioner. I have and they work very well indeed.
However, check out the latest issue of THE ABSOLUTE SOUND--issue 132, page 133. Stephen Harrell did a power cord comparison and had very nice things to say about the Audio Magic Xstream Silver power cord. The list price is only $69/6 feet. That should do it for you. By the way, that's a VERY nice office system.
Good idea changing power cords. I found that using a cheap extension cord degraded the sound quality in a big way. HCM Audio sells some inexpensive, extra long Audioquest power cords. ( Also, you might check eBay, see if Stealth Audio is selling their HAC cord there under the "Buy It Now" option, then email them to see if you can buy one in a custom length. I've tried both the Audioquest and the HAC... I'd go with the HAC, though both are good values (and < $100).
Check out They'll put it together for a small fee. Great sound. Cheap price. Joel
Contact A-gon member KEVPERRO. He assembles and sells the Bob Crump designed power cable. The proceeds go to a fund for the adoption of children from overseas. So in one fell swoop your neurosis can be cured AND you can feel all warm and fuzzy for having made a positive contribution elsewhere. Pretty darn decent cable too.....
$160 Zcable Lightning is a very good choice. If price is especially critical the $60 Absolute would be a good choice as well. I am in love with the Zcable Thunder, but at $500 for 8' length it may not be your final choice, it sure would sound good however. Zcable has a 30 day audition policy. God bless.
"Jeez us 'philes"? Sounds like yet another religious sect. Where's the website BBS?
The BMi Eel reference custom is a pretty damm good cable in construction & sound in the price range you are looking for. I don't think BMi sells them on direct basis, but I do see an auction once in a while for a pair.