this is a twofer

Hi Goners!

Alright...I admit i know VERY LITTLE about home theatre...

Would like two servings of help please...
#1 Barring rear projection and 3d what HDTV between 46 and 54" for the bedroom and living room?

#2 Given a 20K to 25K budget [including tv's!] and wanting either a 5.1 or 3.1 system for both with dvd player,amp, wires and "all in one"remote plus set-up what would you shoot for?

I want to simply watvh movies, cable tv with hd and finally concert dvd's, that's it!

Thanks to all who take the time to help me!

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Too many variables and not enough information.
Two Panasonic Plasma TVs. Marantz BluRay players, Marantz Receivers, Speakers ?? Dozens of speakers around which could fill the bill. I would buy what is around locally at the place you buy the Plasmas and Marantz (midline B&W)
I don't know what you are asking.
Time to get professional help.
The author of this post seems to know something about audio/video and all of a sudden posts something that does not relate realy to what he wants plus lotsa typos.
Maybe at the time of the post there were some substances involved...? I also love to 'experiment' but to the measure of sanity preferably with herbs only ;)
OP..Its just hard to find something with few details.