This funny

My Krell LAT-1 tweeters blew and guess how much they cost new?? 48.00. A 40,000 dollar speaker with 48 dollar tweeters. WOW
Shadorne makes a great point regarding professional speakers. Parts quality is important and should be part of any big $$ speaker, period.

The mark-up and prices for high end gear is really not justified in many, not all, cases. Buyer beware and one must really have lots of experience to wade through the jungle of overpriced gear even though much of it does sound pretty good.
i replaced one in my JM Lab Alto Utopias--$18,500--and the tweeter from the importer was @ $1200.00. OUCH!!

I am truly wetting my self this topic is so funny wot with mentally over priced 'nice' looking cabinets c/w cheapo bargain bucket cones, so funny..........

Kinda like a rocket ship with a hair dryer for an engine?