This forum is antiquated.

I'm a member of several forums. This site is ancient in it's ability to respond to member's posts, and is also extremely cumbersome to reply to specific member's posts, quotes, etc. What am I missing? For some posts that are so technologically subjective....the objective merits of this website and forums are so 1990s. Ancient technology. 

Thoughts? Discuss.
georgehifi8,989 posts04-24-2021 1:19pm👍

you mean like that, it’s just a right button click away, with Chrome or Edge

Six steps to quote, like, and respond with a thumbs up to a specific post.
People come here for free, get knowledge, participate. And then they complain.

Unlike other online sites, I don’t believe this one sells user information or violates their privacy.

So it is a privilege to be here, to read and learn, many helpful and knowledgeable people come here to share information and provide advice. I don’t think this site owes forum members anything.

Suggestions for improvement should be welcome but complaints and criticism of the site being antiquated are uncalled for, for what it provides. If you really don’t like it, just go somewhere else.
The most important part of this site is the people on it.Im not against a slow movement towards better software but its about each of us and what we have to say.The site performs this task admirably.Big thanks to the Mods and yes change is most probably in the wind sooner or later.
I think edgewound has some good points.  It would nice to reply with someone to avoid the clutter and to avoid be embarrassed for not being an audiophile expert.  Some people are quick to leash out with a cute remark instead of having a heart and sharing their knowledge.  This intimidates people and destroys what this forum was set up to do.  I also think all dealers in this group need to be identified next their name.  This would help us to determine any biases they might have.

Perhaps we could take up a collection to help pay for updating this site.

I did agree with someone who said discussions are led away from digital.  Streaming is the technology we should be exploring.  Wonder if there have been blind tests to compare digital to analog.  I like selecting artists from Tidal using my phone.  Easy to find artists and songs I think are some real pluses.

Be nice to go to a dealer who can switch between streaming and vinyl in seconds to compare.  
I have mentioned this often.  A realtor sends me listings in my area and I have yet to see a pair of speakers.  I wonder how this hobby even exits.  I would promote streaming to make as easy for newcomers to use in order grow this hobby.  People are really missing out on a wonderful entertainment platform.