This forum is antiquated.

I'm a member of several forums. This site is ancient in it's ability to respond to member's posts, and is also extremely cumbersome to reply to specific member's posts, quotes, etc. What am I missing? For some posts that are so technologically subjective....the objective merits of this website and forums are so 1990s. Ancient technology. 

Thoughts? Discuss.
Most of the Goners here peaked in the 90’s so the technology is age appropriate 
"...Ancient technology. Thoughts? Discuss..."

It is. Kind weird for a hi-tech forum.
Its true the forum technology has changed very little in the over 10 years I’ve been here. Surely because this is a site designed to sell things and let people talk just enough to help the sales.  Always keep in mind that this is a business site....the chat room is just a tool to support that.