This discussion has been removed....again!

Yes I was the original poster and did NOT request it to be removed. Didn't think there was much controversy other than the usual suspects. Very strange!
Nobody cares, Frank. I suggest posting as practice for improving writing style and the sheer unbridled joy of living rent free.
While it’s a pain I’d suggest asking support to reinstate it, particularly if you think it had genuine value, which it appears it does - otherwise you wouldn’t care and you plainly do. No one likes mindless censorship.
As basic policies are made at the top level the true enactment of those policies ultimately comes down to the whims of an individual. Whether those basic policies are just or not doesn't matter to the ultimate user. Moderators, auditors, and the checkout person at Home Depot are all individuals. That's where the buck ends.
There are other forums.

As an example, Audio Asylum assigns moderators to each of their asylums. There are clearly communicated posting rules and those who break them are given warnings, time off if needed, and banned permanently if they can’t get along.  The entire thread is not shut down.  I am not suggesting AA is the best place out there to engage in audio discussions, but there are better ways to do this than what has been happening here lately.