This discussion has been removed....again!

Yes I was the original poster and did NOT request it to be removed. Didn't think there was much controversy other than the usual suspects. Very strange!
Nah, sinister is when they shuffle the search engine so you can't find what they don't want you to find while the lies they want you to believe are at the top of the list, and if you persist and find the truth it comes with a label and link to explain how the truth is really misinformation and conspiracy theories. Another sinister one is the way they manipulate auto-complete to make people think the lies are more popular than the truth they are looking for. Water vapor is by far the most important greenhouse gas. Just try and find this fact with a search. Do a search for "happy white couples" or "white inventors". These things warp the reality of billions. Now that's sinister.
So what? Threads are periodically closed or deleted. It's what happens when moderators lose patience.
^^^ Yeah, Cleeds, but when you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to bring better sound to your friends and fellow members and everything gets deleted, it makes me want to say things like !#^%$$&$#&*)&!!!

Nobody cares, Frank. I suggest posting as practice for improving writing style and the sheer unbridled joy of living rent free.
While it’s a pain I’d suggest asking support to reinstate it, particularly if you think it had genuine value, which it appears it does - otherwise you wouldn’t care and you plainly do. No one likes mindless censorship.
As basic policies are made at the top level the true enactment of those policies ultimately comes down to the whims of an individual. Whether those basic policies are just or not doesn't matter to the ultimate user. Moderators, auditors, and the checkout person at Home Depot are all individuals. That's where the buck ends.
There are other forums.

As an example, Audio Asylum assigns moderators to each of their asylums. There are clearly communicated posting rules and those who break them are given warnings, time off if needed, and banned permanently if they can’t get along.  The entire thread is not shut down.  I am not suggesting AA is the best place out there to engage in audio discussions, but there are better ways to do this than what has been happening here lately.
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From Forbes: "Saying water vapor is a more important greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is like saying the amplifier in a sound system is more important than the volume dial for producing the sound. It's true, in a literal sense, but very misleading. CO2 and other long-lived greenhouse gases are the volume dial on the climate, and the water vapor amplifies the warming that they produce."

Didn't see the thread but in many forums I have learned that if you criticize or insult a 'sponsor' you can kiss your thread and perhaps your a55 goodbye.  It about revenue, not a social  benevolence.
Maybe the moderators are fed up with bloviating "Magic" fuse promotors clearly in bed with certain manufacturers. After all, $200 fuses appeal to very few among us including gear manufacturers so they need the discussion forum hyperbole to unload product. Does Atma-Sphere Ralph put 'em in his amps? Somehow I think not...and if he does I wanna know why.