Third Party turntable motors

When needing a new motor for a turnatble does it make sense to go for a third party motor. I have heared of the Origin Live motor from the UK a few weeks ago. I know one of you has it installed on a Oracle Delphi. Anyone else into puchasing third party motors. I believe VPI sells motors separately. My assumption is that it would be cost effective to buy a motor from a company that produces them for a number of manufacturers or can fit on a number of different tables such as Origin Live, rather than to buy directly from your turntable assembler.
yup, i'm the one w/an o-l motor & p/s on my oracle. i don't see how ewe can touch it at anywhere near the price. it wooda cost me more than twice the money to change my oracle to the mkv motor-p/s, & that doesn't include the upgraded turbo p/s. i believe musikdoc also installed an o-l motor on his linn...

if ya have a good 'table & the motor could use some help, then i'd definitely go for it.

Yeah, I have an LP-12 with an O.L. DC motor kit. My Valhalla PS went kaput, so I yanked the whole deal and installed the O.L. It's ASTOUNDINGLY good compared to the Linn PS/motor. Definitely extended it's life span w/ me whilst I contemplate my next analog step. If it will fit on your table, go for it! You mention VPI - I believe the kit will work on the HW-19 (is that right?) series, not sure about the bigger puppies in the line.
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I have an OL motor for my Townshend Rock 7. Haven’t installed it yet. Have to make a new motor housing top plate.

Installed the SOTA motor package on my VPI Classic 3. Improved, smoother presentation. The Roadrunner/tach are very welcome over the ADS.
Yes, people are putting the Sota motor on VPI tables and seem to be having great results. I have a new Sota turntable with the full Eclipse package and I have no complaints.
It's speed never varies more than 0.002 revs/minute regardless of whatever is playing and I use a sweep arm. It does not correct speed abruptly like most controllers but does it over several revolutions. Speed changes are much less audible that way.
If you can afford it, I advise adopting the SOTA Eclipse motor and its speed controller accessories.
I upgraded to the Sota Total Eclipse package from the 300RPM VPI motor.  I believe it made a very nice improvement over the original motor.  You can feel that the Sota motor runs much more smoothly than the VPI Hurst motor.
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