Thinking out loud: solid state Linestage < $2k?

Just pondering out loud. Curious about solid state line stages under $2k USD.

Dynamic and maybe a little forward in Presentation.

3 inputs (min)
2 outputs (minimum)

no phono, no dac, no headphone.

single ended only

Mono switch a plus.

able to drive power amp with 22k ohm input.

not sure about the output impedance but the AVA Vision SLR seems about perfect.

any others I should look into?

van alstine products are excellent and provide tremendous performance and value
What exactly do you mean by “a little forward in Presentation?”  Are you looking for a lot of detail or are you talking about an upfront soundstage?
@soix  good question. I think I’m wanting a not laid back presentation. 
It makes sense in my head but I’m not sure I can put that into words.

@jjss49  the solid state Vision SLR pretty much ticks all the boxes. That may very well be my next.
PASS jump on ASAP!!
Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE which is on sale. Owned one for seven years and it plays and sounds great with anything. Also there is the ability to upgrade it in the future.

Works with your amp as I've used it with Kismet and Khartago in the past.  The AVA is also a great choice just not as flexible for the future.
@patrickdowns the LDR V2 is very interesting. Certainly under budget. 
Thanks I will definitely rabbit hole this out
With around a hundred Watts and Klipsch speakers; I’d go passive, too.      I was a minimalist, for decades.      One of the purest presentations I ever had, was with a Placette in my system.      Virtually nothing to break/go wrong, as well.      ie:      New: just slightly over budget:      What I owned:          As an experiment, you could try something like this, first:
@rodman99999  thanks, I have a Schiit SYS I ran for more than a year that worked fine other than only having a single set of outputs. It was definitely quiet but kind of boring. I definitely need 2 sets of outputs.
I get it.      Happy hunting!