Thinking out loud... B&W Diamond tweeters

I too like several people on here thought about putting the new Diamond tweeter by B&W in my older style 802 Matrix Series 3 speakers. But it appears that option is more difficult than practicle. So still with that thought in mind, I started reading every post on this site about B&W tweeters used in 800 model speakers, and most all that I found had less than great things to say about the aluminum tweeter, complaints about brightness and listener fatique. Me too, which was why I was looking at Diamonds. Then I started reading all kinds of articles on high end tweeters, and as a general conclusion, with the exception of the Focal T-90's and T-120's (which I have in my car system, inverted dome), none seems to like aluminum. I had B&W Series 80 802 speakers for 20 years before I upgraded to the Matrix 3's, and they were very enjoyable but suffered from a lack of bass and dynamics. The Matrix 802 Series 3 certainly cured that, but the tweeters are just too bright for me. I would love to use the Focal T-120's on them, and I may explore ways of doing that, in time. But my idea right now is to use the original tweeter drivers made just prior to B&W's switch to a metal dome. I am not a speaker designer, and I don't know all the crossover problems if any, in doing this. I had decided to go to North Creek for help, but as of yesterday, they no longer offer a crossover for B&W speakers! Yes, yesterday. My Matrix 802 Series 3 are early production, serial #33 & 34, and I've heard that late model Series 2 sounded better than early Series 3? I can only think this was a crossover change, as it appears they used the same tweeter through the Nauts?? But back to the original thought, does anyone know any reason putting the more laid back ferrofluid tweeter used in earlier designs, specically a TS-26 tweeter, would cause a problem in a Matrix 802 Series 3? Any advise would be helpful. Associated equipment; Threshold FET 10e, bi-amped S350e's to the B&W's, Sony ES-SACD, Transparent Plus and Super connecting everything. Thanks, Tom
Sounds like a lot of work, with no guarantees, but will the Signature Series tweeter work.
Don't know? Is that a metal dome? I will certainly look into it. Would you happen to know the model number on that tweeter? Thanks, Tom
I have no idea of the model number but it is better than the Nautilus tweeter, but then again I would think it is dependant on the crossover too. It is metal.