Thinking of upgrading from SA 14v2 to SA 11si .

Can anybody help me with this. Do you think it would be much of an improvement to go to SA 11 from SA 14?
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You may want to consider keeping the SA14 and sending it to TRL for a mod. TRL does a mod to this player, raising it to another level,and is quite affordable. I also believe they offer money back if your not happy with the mod. I have not heard the SA11 and SA14 side by side but feel you will improve more in modding the 14 over the stock 11.Modding the 14 will also save you some cash, and have improved proformance vs the 11.
I enjoy my TRL SA14.
Also listen to the two units side by side to see which one you like.Also keep in mind that the 14 is in stock form, TRL's mod will raise the proformance level. So if both the players sound close to each other in stock mod, the TRL AS14 is worth a look.
If you haven't placed your SA14 on the Neuance Platform, you are in for a BIG improvement without having to change players. The improvement is not subtle, and it just cost a few hundred bucks.