thinking of trying the arc ref 110

Any users out there that have advice on this?

I am running Wilson Benesch ACT speakers (88db and impedance is 6ohms nominal 4 minimum) with a ARC ref 3 pre and a Levinson 432 amp. The room is a 13x13 living room open on one side to an adjoining dining room. I have heard of great things about the ARC ref 110 but have not heard it myself.

A couple of questions for users:

Based on my current setup, I am wondering about the difference in midrange and bass definition if i switched to the ref 110.

How closely do you need to match the impedance on the speaker binding posts with that of your speakers?

I understand it runs cooling fans with a selector switch - how irritating are these and how loud are they during silent passages? Also, how hot does the unit get? I am assuming most users turn their amps off or put them into some kind of standby to preserve tubelife.

Any advice would be welcome from those familiar with the units described above. Thanks
Send email to Elberoth2...he has the ARC Ref 110.
I use the Ref210 and the fans are quite noisy, but are drowned out by the music at even really quiet levels

Not heard the ref 110 but used a VT100-3 for a while and the fans were inaudible.

Of course turn the amp off when not in use. the tubes are wearing out when switched on regardless of use

Use the taps closest to the speakers impedence. If they are 4 ohms, use that tap

I love ARC stuff and the reference series is their best ever
Ref 110 is a very good sounding amp, bass is excellent after a vs110, i used one for a while,unfortunately the fans drove me mad though, in my view they ruin the music if you cant listen above a certain level late at night. I did set them on low but still irritating. I'd disconnect them and live with shorter tube life but at 9K (gbp) i wasn't happy. Apart from that it made music very well and with Ref 3 it always will..

Try it first..
Best, P.

I had the Reference 110 (and Reference 3) and felt it didn't control very well my Wilson W/P 8, especialy in the bass.
You might want to consider the ARC HD220, which is more dynamic and woun't limit you in the future with other speakers.