Thinking of the BAT VK-55 with 2905's

I currently use my dCS 8Pi CD/SACD balanced into my Halcro MC20 driving Quad 2905's.

Quite happy with the sound but feeling pressured to go tube, considering the BAT VK-55 as it's had good reviews.

Not in a position to audition the amp so I'm reluctant to jump right in.

Stereophile rate the Halcro close to the Lamm ML2.1 Mono's so it's no slouch. Should sanity prevail or indulgence win the day. Any input appreciated.

While the BAT is a very nice sounding amp, IMO it does not have the power to get the most out of your quads. I am not sure what the maximum power limitation is for the 2905s, but the limitation on my 2805s is 100 watts. I run those 2805s with a Mcintosh MC 2102 and no matter how loud I play my system, I have yet to hit the protection circuits. No matter how much I increase the volume, the speakers do not take more than about 90 watts or so (those Mac meters are good for something after all).
Does the MC2102 have a protection circuit?

So the amp turns off or something when pushed to the limits?


The VK 55 is a very capable amp. When reviewed it spec'ed at 66 watts at clipping. I think it would drive your Quads without any problems. I use the 55 monoblocks to drive A3 Soundlabs without issue. I seldom listen above 90 db. You may be pleasantly suprised. Another option might be the 55 SE.