Thinking of taking the plunge.

Thinking of going into streaming. Any advice on equipment between 1 and 2000.00.


+1 to BluOS and the Node - as everyone has already mentioned. For myself, this is the streamer that re-engaged me back into listening to music.

The Node not only sounds great at its price point, but it has quite a bit of features: Subwoofer output w/ crossover setting, digital outputs, Roon Ready, Tidal and Spotify Connect, MQA full decoder if that’s your jam, and solid UI that allows you to set presets and favorites from various providers - Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, etc. I’ve also found the TuneIn streaming stations (which can also be assigned as a presets) wonderful for passive listening and music discovery.

@larry5729 I’m not as critical towards MQA as others. With this said, and not to entirely derail this thread and OP’s question, I have found MQA to run certain tracks a little hot at times, in addition to perhaps some EQ in lower and higher frequencies. Pure SQ, I prefer Qobuz. UI and algorithm to discover new music - Tidal is preferred IME. In lieu of this, definitely hoping the above doesn’t start an MQA debate.

The Cable Co. has only offered me good advice in the past. At the very least I’d spend a weekend using the Arcam’s DAC to see if you can determine a preference.

Bluesound Node2, Schiit Gungnir and a year subscription of your choice of service and you are right at $2000


Since you already own a good DAC there is no reason to get anything costlier than the Bluesound Node. 

Since you already have the DAC, is there any reason to spend more than $89 for the WiiM Mini Streamer?