Thinking of selling my Snell E/III

I bought these new and they are in exellence condition except they need to be re-foamed.
I even have the matching stands for them.
Should I sell them?  What would be a fair price?

You can get a lot more money for them if you have them re-foamed before selling.  Personally, I wouldn't pay top dollar for speakers that need work.  If you sell them unrepaired, you will not get much for them at all.
yep you can get around $50 for'm
Clearly there's a market as shown on the "expired listings" tab of this link (although a lot of it is overseas) -- and the refoam kit is cheap
Thank you all for the response!
I would fix and keep these, but I'm moving and cannot keep them!
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I had a pair of Type E/IIIs’ that had the woofers professionally refoamed at Simply Speakers in Clearwater, FL. When I tried to sell them several years later I discovered that most would-be buyers balked when they realized that the woofers were refoamed and not replaced with the original Vifa drivers.

Eventually I sold them locally for only $150.00; in my mind that was practically giving them away. I can say without reservation that the buyer received the best sounding speakers he ever heard for $150.00.

I would recommend that you purchase the original woofers from the company in the link below. It will cost more to replace them but you'll recoup more of your investment when you sell them.