Thinking of getting a Krell FBP 600

Thinking of getting Krell FBP 600 to run my b&W Nautilus 801's through B&K reference 30. Any issues I should know about with this amp. Can you leave it on all the time? Have a 20 amp dedicated power line. Is that enough for the amp? Anyone have issue with breakage as I'm not eager to move a 185 lb amp and ship it. In fact I can't imagine that!!!!

Any input is welcome -

Bob Traylor
The FPB 600c has a stand by mode, but I don't remember if the earlier 600 did. I had the FPB 200 which I later replaced with an FPB 700cx so I'm trying to keep them straight in my mind. I left my Krells on unless I know I wasn't going to be back to listen for several days.
In my discussions with the service guys at Krell, I have been told NOT to leave their amps on when not in use. The FPB 600 will certainly handle the 801s .

Leave it in stand-by. It will use lots of power if you don't. I have the 600c. It's the best I've heard.
I'm using my Krell FPB amp to drive B&W 802's. About 4 years after I bought it, the amp sustained a failure and I had to send it back for service under warranty. It wasn't as big a deal as I thought because of the clever shipping carton Krell provides. It has an inner platform with handles on each end that facilitate two people lifting the unit into or out of the shipping carton. Krell recommended Ocean Air Transportation picked up and delivered the amp without incident. I paid the freight to Krell ($250 from WPB, Florida), they serviced the unit and paid shipping back. I took the opportunity to upgrade the FPB-600c to a FPB-700cx. Krell even changed the faceplate.

I've owned VTL tube amps and IMO this Krell sounds every bit as good - yet considerably more powerful. Based on the specs it should be able to drive any known speaker load without strain. This amp will remain the heart of my stereo system indefinitely.

If you're considering the 600c, you should consider a KCT preamp that will allow you to use the CAST interconnect between the preamp and amp. The combination of the KCT and CAST cables took my stereo system to another performance level.

I have B&W N801s and am currently driving them with Krell FPB600 amp, and they sound terrific together. Amp has no problem in handling N801s whatsoever. Also, FPB600 has a standby mode, so you don't need to leave it on like the older models. Another feature I like about the FPB600 is that you can change power cords.....

One caution though, I would suggest that you buy a dedicated 2-channel preamp if you want to hear what FPB600 can do. I used to use Lexicon MC-1 processor as my preamp, and didn't know what a horrible 2-channel preamp it was until I changed to Krell KRC-3 and realized what I was missing A LOT all along.... I had read a lot on Audiogon and heard from many audiophile friends that a digital processor just can't deliver 2-channel audio, and I didn't believe it. So, it seems your B&K Ref 30 is also a digital processor by design.

Regarding shipping, I found my amp from a seller in my neighborhood, so I went over an personally hauled it over. But if you have the original FPB600 packing, I can't imagine that one can't ship the amp. You might want to check with Krell on how they handle amp shipments and whom do they use, since they probably get a lot of amps back for checkups and updating. Krell service is absolutely SUPERB!!!

Hope this helps!