Thinking of buying a pair of Splendor D7.2...

Was considering a Musical Fidelity M6si, any suggestions on alternative amps as my next move is to stream.
I am in this for the pleasure of the music, and only have 10k to spend, including the speakers.
I have a Marantz table and a pioneer elite CD player that is getting long in the tooth for sources.
I welcome any suggestions that would best pair up with the 7.2’s.
The D7.2 is an incredibly impressive speaker if you drive them with competent electronics. You can find demo units on sale for much less than the asking MSRP.
The conversation has certainly taken a tangent or two! So in an attempt to redirect, it would seem most people (who have responded) seem to prefer tube amps to solid state.
I wanted to focus on solid state options albeit tubes are very interesting and as I understand it typically provide a warmer sound which was my stated intent...however I hoped there may be some solid state options worth noting.
@fsonicsmith  Very helpful distinction there! I bought my D7s after feeling that they came extremely close to the Joseph Audio floorstanders but at half the price.  The D7s should also be a little easier to drive.  I will keep my eyes open opportunistically but no deliberate hunt for Devores yet ;) 
You are right Gearhead, sorry. 
On your budget an amazing solid state amp value is a used (only way to get one) McCormack DNA.5 that has been upgraded by Steve McCormack. They are ridiculously good for the money is stock form at full list price but to get a used one that has been modded for the $800-$900 prices they seem to go for is an even better deal. I make this recco because I own both a DNA.5 and DNA-1, both modded heavily by Steve. The .5 sounds sweeter but the 1 has more bass ooomph and propulsive-ness. They both "like" a tubed preamp as they have a suitable input impedance. This will sweeten up the tone too and tubed preamps are far less prone to problems than amps (unless you get an Audible Illusions 3A so my advice is don't). 
But I will say it again. Your question is just too broad and generally unanswerable. You are going to have to try stuff. Buy used so you can re-sell on this forum if you don't like it and limit your losses. 
I acknowledge the question is broad in nature but no different than what one may ask a sales person in a Hi-Fi shop. You guys seem better informed though!I read a review of the McCormack DNA-1 in Stereophile, they concur with you. I also found one for sale recently refurbished for $1400, Seems a bit pricey for an amp that is out of production and was only $2k when new back in 1995...I am buying with CDN $ which converts to $2000 CDN! So much for depreciation. So what tube pre-amp would compliment around $1500 that is also dependable at the risk of being too general again?