Thinking of buying a pair of Splendor D7.2...

Was considering a Musical Fidelity M6si, any suggestions on alternative amps as my next move is to stream.
I am in this for the pleasure of the music, and only have 10k to spend, including the speakers.
I have a Marantz table and a pioneer elite CD player that is getting long in the tooth for sources.
I welcome any suggestions that would best pair up with the 7.2’s.
@fsonicsmith   Well thanks for making the deliberation even more difficult now! ha...perhaps O/93s will be somehting I just keep an eye open for on the used market and act opportunistically if the whim catches me.  Thanks again for the well-described thoughts.
Just as a very general guideline, the Spendors are more in line with the vast majority of loudspeakers out there from B&W, Joseph Audio, PSB, slim towers with two and half way designs incorporating two 6.5 inch drivers and a tweeter. There are many variations of this same basic design.Sure they all have different flavors but what they do well is shared by all of them-imaging, soundstage, and midrange. 
The Orangutan's are a whole different animal, a variation of the old Snell Type A and the Audionote AE line. The Orangutans are going to appeal to the listener who wants something different from the norm. The presentation is different than most other loudspeakers. 
Do you order Cabernet with your steak frites or do you look for unknown Poulsard based gems from the Jura? It is kind of like that.  

That's why Spendor still also makes the Classic line.

But good luck finding the 1/2 or the 100 to audition.

The D7.2 is an incredibly impressive speaker if you drive them with competent electronics. You can find demo units on sale for much less than the asking MSRP.
The conversation has certainly taken a tangent or two! So in an attempt to redirect, it would seem most people (who have responded) seem to prefer tube amps to solid state.
I wanted to focus on solid state options albeit tubes are very interesting and as I understand it typically provide a warmer sound which was my stated intent...however I hoped there may be some solid state options worth noting.