Thinking of buying a pair of Splendor D7.2...

Was considering a Musical Fidelity M6si, any suggestions on alternative amps as my next move is to stream.
I am in this for the pleasure of the music, and only have 10k to spend, including the speakers.
I have a Marantz table and a pioneer elite CD player that is getting long in the tooth for sources.
I welcome any suggestions that would best pair up with the 7.2’s.
Can someone tell me the trick to do the @(name) thing? I can't figure it out. I am dumb. 
three_easy_payments, you are quite welcome. 
The statement I am about to make is purely subjective and it may change over time. That said, if forced to choose between the two, I would keep the DeVores and give up the Spendors. It would not be a terribly tough choice either. Luckily, I don't think I will ever have to make that decision and I intend to keep both. Keep in mind that though I have much different amplification, I have the same two turntables that Art Dudley has and I share his values and listening preferences. 
You may notice that I expressed my view of the DeVores' virtues in greater detail than I did either in my first or second post in this thread about the Spendors. Imho, that combination of characteristics is what makes the O/93 such a damned fine loudspeaker.The Spendors imho tend to sound hi-fi-ish and need to be tamed to sound more natural. A digression. The first time I heard someone say "too hifi" I gave him a dirty look. I will never forget it-I had just purchased an Audioprism Mantissa from Progressive Audio in Columbus Ohio and they were not an Audioprism dealer and so they special-ordered it for me. They wanted to listen to it in one of their better systems and I wanted to hear what they thought of it. When I heard that description, I thought it was silly and meaningless. I now have an opinion as to what "too hifi" means. The best analogy is when you see one of the newest OLED tvs in a big box store and everything looks surrealistic and  hyper-detailed. A component that sounds too hifi is the aural equivalent. 
I stated above that I was happy with my decision. I meant that by investing in my sources and electronics rather than spending Magico or Wilson-type money on loudspeakers, I can afford to have both sets and swap them out every six months (my plan) in order to enjoy the host set of strengths each offer. Perhaps I should have said "Raidho-money" since my listening room is too small for Magicos or Wilsons anyway. My humble view is that like all other components, no one loudspeaker does everything that I want the way I want it done. Since loudspeakers do influence the sound character (but not quality mind you) more than any other single component, I think I made a good decision for me with those last two words being critical. 
The subtle pluck of finger on strings through the DeVores is magical. And oddly enough, John DeVore will tell you that he is most proud of how they handle industrial/techno/synth and though that is not my thing most times, my limited collection of such stuff including LCD Soundsystem (yes, feel free to quibble that LCD Soundsystem is just simple electronica) does sound spectacular through the DeVores. 
@fsonicsmith   Well thanks for making the deliberation even more difficult now! ha...perhaps O/93s will be somehting I just keep an eye open for on the used market and act opportunistically if the whim catches me.  Thanks again for the well-described thoughts.
Just as a very general guideline, the Spendors are more in line with the vast majority of loudspeakers out there from B&W, Joseph Audio, PSB, slim towers with two and half way designs incorporating two 6.5 inch drivers and a tweeter. There are many variations of this same basic design.Sure they all have different flavors but what they do well is shared by all of them-imaging, soundstage, and midrange. 
The Orangutan's are a whole different animal, a variation of the old Snell Type A and the Audionote AE line. The Orangutans are going to appeal to the listener who wants something different from the norm. The presentation is different than most other loudspeakers. 
Do you order Cabernet with your steak frites or do you look for unknown Poulsard based gems from the Jura? It is kind of like that.  

That's why Spendor still also makes the Classic line.

But good luck finding the 1/2 or the 100 to audition.

The D7.2 is an incredibly impressive speaker if you drive them with competent electronics. You can find demo units on sale for much less than the asking MSRP.