Thinking of buying a pair of Splendor D7.2...

Was considering a Musical Fidelity M6si, any suggestions on alternative amps as my next move is to stream.
I am in this for the pleasure of the music, and only have 10k to spend, including the speakers.
I have a Marantz table and a pioneer elite CD player that is getting long in the tooth for sources.
I welcome any suggestions that would best pair up with the 7.2’s.

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@fsonicsmith   What a great review and comparison of these two speakers! Thanks so much for putting the time into your write up. I find the Spendors to be very fast speakers with plenty of bass under the correct amplification (I've tried a couple amps).  Your ARC 150SE certainly has enough oomph to drive the bottom end.  I use a Pass XA30.8 and get plenty of bass.  I do love the holographic 3-D imaging and depth/width of soundstage that the D7's produce.  I'm not sure I'd want to compromise those qualities with Devores even if they are a bit more dynamic and in-your-face.  My Forte III's in a second system are so much more 2-dimensional in presentation and laid back than the fast D7's but are fun powered by a medium-powered tube integrated.  

This is very helpful and actually makes me less inclined to explore the Devores anytime soon although I realize they must sound wonderful as well.  It's all about tailoring your sound to the presentation that moves your soul the most. Thanks again.
@fsonicsmith   Just curious how you would describe the sound of the D7's vs the O/93's.  I have the D7's and agree with everything you said about them, including how to maximum the listening experience.  I've been curious about the Devores too.
@fsonicsmith   Well thanks for making the deliberation even more difficult now! ha...perhaps O/93s will be somehting I just keep an eye open for on the used market and act opportunistically if the whim catches me.  Thanks again for the well-described thoughts.
@fsonicsmith  Very helpful distinction there! I bought my D7s after feeling that they came extremely close to the Joseph Audio floorstanders but at half the price.  The D7s should also be a little easier to drive.  I will keep my eyes open opportunistically but no deliberate hunt for Devores yet ;)