Thinking of buying a pair of Splendor D7.2...

Was considering a Musical Fidelity M6si, any suggestions on alternative amps as my next move is to stream.
I am in this for the pleasure of the music, and only have 10k to spend, including the speakers.
I have a Marantz table and a pioneer elite CD player that is getting long in the tooth for sources.
I welcome any suggestions that would best pair up with the 7.2’s.

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Thanks for the thoughtful comments auto spell check can be brutal!
I have a pair of Totem signature 2 along with a matching centre chanel and a Totem sub, w/ MIT interconnects. They are powered off a Arcam AVR 350 receiver from a previous home theatre set-up and I have always felt the sound was a bit cold, the soundstage is limited as I have never been able to keep them a good meter from an adjacent wall due to practical space limitations.
I am planning the new stereo system in my condo open living/dining/kitchen room that measures about 20’ square. I am after a warmer more captivating sound image, and if need to spend a bit more within reason that is possible if the rewards to the sound are considerable. 
The conversation has certainly taken a tangent or two! So in an attempt to redirect, it would seem most people (who have responded) seem to prefer tube amps to solid state.
I wanted to focus on solid state options albeit tubes are very interesting and as I understand it typically provide a warmer sound which was my stated intent...however I hoped there may be some solid state options worth noting.
I acknowledge the question is broad in nature but no different than what one may ask a sales person in a Hi-Fi shop. You guys seem better informed though!I read a review of the McCormack DNA-1 in Stereophile, they concur with you. I also found one for sale recently refurbished for $1400, Seems a bit pricey for an amp that is out of production and was only $2k when new back in 1995...I am buying with CDN $ which converts to $2000 CDN! So much for depreciation. So what tube pre-amp would compliment around $1500 that is also dependable at the risk of being too general again?