Thinking of Bireli...

Tried to search older archives but couldn't find recommendations for Bireli Lagrene on vinyl. Found him accidentally on tube and later on figured that he's a living legend. Being his age myself, I feel shamed that I still didn't know of him. Started from his debut in Montreux and countinued clicking and clicking on his tubes endlessly for whole day forgetting about my meals! It's impossible not to like him and impossible for any vinyl collector not to have it.
Please help me with great choices
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You just did me justice. I just listened to Silvain Luc and Bireli playing Stevie Wonders 'isn't she lovely ' on You Tube and it rocked my world. Thanks for helping me sk nd my money because that was amazingly intimate and beautiful and ive never heard of either of them. This is why I'm here. Thanks Maraksnetz. Awesome!!!!!!
Marakanetz. You've got to check out the You Tube of Isn't She Lovely. Its just special. I had to play it three times to believe it was as good as it is. Amazing.
I have two LP's of his, his debut on blue note (this is a fantastic LP) circa 1986 maybe.. and another one later, around 1989 (now I forgot the title)... pretty sure you can pick up both LP's on ebay if you keep looking and are patient.
Thanks for recommendations. I'll certainly be looking on local vinyl stores first, than I'll get one probably from gemm. I hate ebay/paypal.
would wish now to see him live if he ever tours USA... If not I'll book hotel in Montreux.