Thinking of adding a subwoofer for more bass.

I am running a cayin A50 amplifier with vandersteen 1 speakers and want more bass. I am wondering if a subwoofer will do it for me or is the problem that the signal from the amplifier not sending enough bass to the speakers? The vandersteen's have an 8" woofer.

Thanks for your help!

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Hell yeah it'll make a difference if you hook up a sub. I have a Klipsch SW10 II that has a 100 watt amp in it. You can hook it up to satts. mains or use the rca jacks to your preamp so as not to use any power from your amp. It is 10 years old and has about 1hr playing time on it. No BS I just don't need that much bass. I you want the sub I may sell it. Even though it makes a big difference, you notice it more when you switch it off after listening to it for a while IMHO.