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I have a DK VS-1 integrated amp which I'm enjoying a lot, but it's not too generous with line inputs. I could use a couple more inputs to run a DVD player, a second CD player, etc. Also wondered whether a decent preamp would enhance the system's sound.

I have No experience with separate preamps, so bear with me:

1. do I simply connect the "pre out" on the preamp to any "line in" on the amp? Then when I switch the amp to that input, will the preamp feed be live and I can use its input selecter to cycle through the components connected to the preamp? Or is there more to it? Does an amp used in this way require anything special?

2. Should I just get an inexpensive preamp to run these relatively lo-fi sources, or should I aim higher and try to run all my sources (mainly Music Hall Maverick SACD/CD and a turntable to be bought eventually) through it? Is there any way to estimate how much I would need to spend on the preamp to improve upon the system's sound?

Thanks for any help!
There are outboard 'input selector' boxes you can use by just connecting their output to one of the source selections on you integrated. These a passive line level devices with out a volume control which is what you want. If you get a seperate preamp you either take the signal out of the preamp line out which has the volume control or thru its tape out. If you do the former you potentially degrade the performace of you systems by having two volume controls in the loop. If you do the latter, your spending a lot of money for a switch box.

Now, if your integrated has provision for the seperation of the pre-amp section from the amp section you could just connect a new preamp directly to the amp stage, however I'm under the impression that the DK doesn't have such a provision.

Anyway, the switch box is an excellent and cheap solution to your problem especially if you're only going to use it for 'lo/mid fi'.

You might do a little reasearch on these units if it interests you.
Go for the selector/expander box. I think that CREEK makes very good boxes as well as NILES...

Check it out.
Dewald Visser
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Red Wine Audio offers a four input source select switch. $399. You can try it in-home for 30 days.
Thanks much for all these suggestions! I'll check 'em out!
Decware: 6 inputs/$119. Red Wine Audio: 4 inputs/$399. Hmmm...

Can anyone explain why the Red Wine selector costs 200% more than the Decware...beyond parts? There aren't very many parts involved as it is.
Greetings, your might consider the Manley Skipjack. It appears to be quite highend. Happy Listening
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In a passive preamp, God is in the details. Its all about the little things - and the better little things cost more - my guess is that the parts cost is greater...