Thinking About Upgrading The Tonearm On My Rega P5...

I`ve read some interesting comments about the Audiomods Series 5 tonearm and they all seem to be pretty good across the board.
The Micrometer version looks like a nice setup allowing VTA 'on the fly'.
The antiskate apparently works better too according to users that have upgraded from a Rega arm.

I`m also wondering about the Rega RB2000 which is used on the Rega RP10, seems that might be a nice leap up the proverbial ladder.
Or step down a rung or two to the RB808...??
I have the Groovetracer subplatter/counterweight combo (stock Rega platter) and I like the looks of the cherrywood P5 better than the RP10/RP8
The cartridge is a ZYX Airy 3

Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas ??

Did you look into rewiring option with Incognito arm wires?
The kit itself is $150...
I`ve read where the rb700 arm doesn`t need a rewire like the lower level arms do.
I`ll leave it stock and maybe sell it along with the Grovetracer counter weight.

The Audiomods tonearms are significantly better than the lower level Rega tonearms (RB200, 202, 300, 303, 700, 808), and on par (though different sounding) with the RB1000-not sure about the newer RB2000. The difference between an RB700 and an Audiomods Series IV is significant.   
 "The difference between an RB700 and an Audiomods Series IV is significant".  

Thanks..curious as to how the IV stacks up against the V ??
I think the V uses the same arm tube as the RB2000, but then again, I`m also under the impression that others in the line do also now .
 If that`s the case, then it would seem to come down to bearing selection and fitment...right ?
I'm not sure that the V uses the 2000 arm as the V has been around longer than the 2000.  I suppose Jeff at Audiomods may change arm tubes without changing the series number?  
At any rate, I wanted to pipe in here as I have a series V and have used it with several cartridges including a ZYX Yatra (R100). It is a great match for the ZYX in my system. The micrometer arm is very stable and allows fine tuning of the SRA/VTA.  I currently use the Series V with an Ortofon MC A90 to great effect.  I will say that the RB2000 as an OEM does look interesting and might work great in a P5.  

I re-wired the RB808 on my RP8 with the Incognito kit, which made a noticeable improvement, as did the tungsten counterweight.

I suspect an RB2000 or Audiomods arm may be overkill for the P5. If you can get over the aesthetics, I think trading the P5 for an RP8 would be a more substantial improvement.