Thinking about trying wireless speakers for the back of 5.1 system.

Hi all,

I have dogs and no easy way to run speaker wires for back speakers. I do have AC power near enough, so that won’t be a problem. 
Current HT system is A Denon AVR and Klispch Front and center speakers in a 16x20 room with an 8’ ceiling.
 I know Klispch has some wireless speakers and I have tried four times to get an answer from them and no one has responded!  I haven’t asked SVS or anyone else about their stuff because I thought I should keep everyone in the same family, but does anyone have a mixed speakers in their HT system?

 I’m open to all thoughts.


The front and center speakers must be from the same brand and serie.( same tone  )That’s where most of the sound takes place.
For the surrounds , it is less important.
I have Focals as front and center,  Monitor Audio as Surround and back speakers.

Take a look at Dali Oberon C  
Good luck