Thinking about swapping out my Class D SDS-470C for a pair of Schiit Aegir on Magnepan LRS

I’ve had the SDS-470C/LRS combo for half a year now and I’m left wondering what else is out there. I’m okay with sacrificing some dynamics for a touch more warmth, better soundstaging, detail, and depth. 150 watts into 4 ohms seems small compared to what I have now, but I’m actually using so little of the volume knob that there’s channel imbalance.

I plan on buying a REL eventually to fill out the bass, if that helps.

Thinking about swapping out my Class D SDS-470C for a pair of Schiit Aegir on Magnepan LRS
for a touch more warmth, better soundstaging, detail, and depth.

Going Class-A linear amp is a good idea for what your needs are compared to what you’ve got now.
A single Aegir won’t have enough wattage for the Maggie’s 86db, and to bridge the Aegir just to get more wattage is actually taking a backward step in how they sound not bridged. Maybe a single Schiit Vidar? but they maybe don’t have the the amount of Class-A your looking for.

What you need is a linear Class-A/B high bias Class-A amp that can do at least 50watts or more at lowish costing, maybe a used discontinued Parasound Halo A23 or even new Halo A23+ if you have the funds, both are John Curl designs, up there with the best
Here’s what the going prices are like on a used Halo A23

Here is one in the US from a reputable shop, he says it's a preamp it's a poweramp

Cheers George
I've considered Parasound, as I used to own a pair of Zamp V3s and really liked using them with a pair of Elac Uni-fi UB5s. I thought using them bridged was actually an improvement, especially in the bass. It's because of this that I'm not averse to using bridged schiit aegirs.
Just found this on the A23, they don't give out that award lightly.

Also do your homework on bridging amps yes you get a big boost in wattage, but all other parameters take a hit, so does the sound quality. To me it’s comparison is like taking a decent stereo amp and making it a PA amp.

Cheers George
I have owned 5 different class D manufacturers amps. Far and away the best so far is Rick Schultz EVS 1200. It also added a lot more bass than all the others.

Check it out. He offers money back guarantee
Here is a quote from an LRS owner over on audio circle and then a link to the thread and then another link to the amp.

"I run a pair of the new Maggie LRS’s. And they are VERY demanding speakers. All three amps I have used on them, I have driven them into protection mode. Now, I know I have heard some say that at modest levels their amps do just fine and then when pushed they are going into protection mode. Another user on Audiokarma has I think an Aegir or Vidar, and has the same issue. Which he is fine with. I don’t really understand how you can be fine with an amp going into protection mode while you are listening to music but to each his own. The Maggie’s need juice, and I am sure even more power at moderate listening levels sounds better too, amp not working as hard and so on. I can tell you this though. The Cherry STM is the best amp I have ever owned. I had it hooked up to some ZU Audio Dirty Weekends and it sounded spectacular and had no issues at all driving those. And hooked up to my Maggie’s at moderate listening levels, the music I am hearing from the STM paired with the LRS’s is nothing short of a jaw dropping experience. It’s truly amazing......"


or as a slightly more expensive option (net of any sales being offered), the 2 channel version


George's theme song is the one-note samba.  You may wish to take some other more diverse points of view into consideration.
I would suggest a Bryston 4B.  There is a 4BSST2 and a 4BST on Audiogon for sale.  Go the former for sound quality and warranty or the latter for price and the fact it has been reworked.  I am using the 4BSST with the LRS right now and it's a good combo.