Thinking about Sonus Faber Stradivari ....

I am thinking about Sonus Faber Stradivari. This was one of only 2 speakers that gave me goose bumps. Do we have any current owners of the Stradivari? Any opinions on these? These speakers appeal my heart not my head. Thoughts?
I dont have feedback on the Stradivari but I can say (in my opinion) that a speaker that speaks to your heart will definitely give you more enjoyment! I am seriously considering the Memento or Evolutions in the very hear future. To me, a speaker that gives me goosebumps is exactly what I am looking for. Music after all is emotional not analytical.
Thank you Tboooe,

I have the SF Evolutions and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them too. That's what got me thinking. Plus, I heard the Strads again just recently and it all came back to me. Just a wonderful speaker that get the music right.
Very well put my friend. The components that connect to your heart and engage music's emotion is the only way to go IMO. Every thing in my system was chosen based entirety on this concept with no regrets.
I own the early version of the SF Electa Amators, with the wood and marble stands and the Dynaudio Esotar tweeters. I'm still glad I bought them more than twenty years later. They still sound great! I'll buy more speakers but I'll never sell these. Read the past Forums about Sonus Faber speakers and see how few regret their purchase. The SF Stradivari are a work of art, and I believe you'll still think that twenty years from now.
I've also recently come into the Sonus Faber camp, having purchased Cremona M's earlier this year. These are speakers that really appeal to you on an emotional level. You can point to things that other speakers do better, like deeper bass or more "air" on the top end, but at the end of the day, the Sonus Faber's put the whole package together in a way that is just so musical. The only problem I have is I can't bring myself to turn off my system when it's time to end my listening session. :-)
Thank you Jake. It's probably just a matter of time before I get the Strads. There are a few others I need to hear before I make up or should I say change my mind.
One of my friends has the Strad and over the last few years I've heard them powered with Nagra VPA tube amps, ARC REF250 mono amps and Air Tight tube mono amps.

Personally I liked the Nagra/Strad pairing,but maybe because I heard that combination the most or perhaps hearing them both for the first time created a first impression that is hard to beat.

I've never heard the Strads powered by solid state amps,but I am sure that the laid back sound of the Strads would make them an ideal speaker for most any quality SS amp.

My friend doesn't have a large room, the speakers are on a sprung second floor, no concrete basement and only curtains to damp the sound.
All other components are upper high end as would be expected, which includes top flight vinyl and digital sources.

Besides always sounding very smooth, the Strads are great eye candy.

I am a Stat man, but if I ever had the dollars and wanted to go back to cones, the Strads would be at or near the top.
They are the best cones I've heard,but I haven't heard any of the top contenders in the last 5 years.
Thank you Lacee. I have a few pairs of speakers that I am looking at and the Strads are one of them.
Joeinid, if you decide to sell your Evolutions please let me know. ;)

I am itching to upgrade my speakers. With my recent changes to my front end and addition of room treatments I finally feel I am ready to step up to the big time. My Auditors have served me well but they will be relegated to my soon to be built tube based bedroom system.
Everything is for sale! :) You know how to contact me. It's probably between Magico S5 or SF Strads at this point.