thinking about ripping some vinyl any suugestions?

I've started helping people put together systems and have a client who has purchased several hundred vinyl lps. I'm slowly running them all through my record cleaner and there a few gems I'll be sad to hand back. She's totally cool with me giving them a listen but I'm thinking it might be nice to rip them so I can hear them more than once. Is there anyone that can offer up a good way to do this? Again (i've posted recently) I'm working with a clearaudio champion with unify 9 a concerto cartridge and an EAR 834p. Please advise
I use an M-Audio Audiophile USB, a Macbook, and Audacity for recording with very good results.
I use external Creative sound blaster and Nero software.
I use the a MAC, Roxie (Toast).
A pain in the ass but good results.
I use an E-Mu 1212 which comes with Wave Lab Lite. It has bal or unbal line in and out and comes with a software signal router. Im using Express Burn for burning. I am not very computer savy but I still found this system intuitive and easy to run. The sound card was around $100 at musicians friend. It has more bells and whistles than you need for ripping but the converters are very good and for the price it seemed a very good value.
Im using a B&K Ref.50 pre.
I record via the Tape monitor channels
I have a DBX-4bx in the tape loop too.
The DBX is a key product. ( $300 used )

The tape outputs connected to an Aardvark Q-10, 24/96 computer audio card ( you could use the Directpro series too. This stuff is cheap on ebay but you need an ISA slot in the PC. Im using a 2.66ghz CPU with one 2Gig sim. Xp pro.
( $225 used )

Cakewalk software via ASIO input drivers and the results are very good when I burn the mix on CD. ( $400 )

Dbx hardware expands the output, the Aardvark hardware give a clean input to the software and Cakewalk give you the ability to clean up any unwanted noise.

TurnTable combination. ( my no means is this the best, its just a thrifty solution )

Kenwood C2 pre-amp, via Denon Table using a Micro Acoustic 2002 Moving Coil Cartridge. ( $300 )
Think big! Why not do DSD rips of just those special disc's? That is the future and if they are for your own use, it will blow others away. Maybe doing just one on an out source bais will tell if you like it. Playback via your PS3 will be easy.
Oregon: Could you explain how you use toast and a mac?
Bucanero117: I think too big, that's why i might be selling the whole rig soon.

Could you use a nagra LB? Hook the EAR 834p to the nagra then run the nagra to the mac via usb?