Thinking about getting some bookshelf/standmount speakers

Right now I`m using Revel F52`s along with 4 subs.

I`m looking to change things up just for fun.

My room is 18'x22' with a sloping ceiling that goes from 8' to 13' and I have acoustic panels for sound treatment in place.

I don`t want the 'head in a vice' sweet spot first and foremost.

I`ll be keeping the 4 subs so deep bass is not a requirement but a big open sound with great midrange is.

I like detail and pinpoint imaging too.

The bookshelf speakers have to be as good or better than the F52`s (sans bass response) across the board.

Looking forward to your suggestions !






What amp do you use?

I like 3 way bookshelves, Bryston ACTIVE Mini-T's. They use an outboard crossover so you don't need to buy a new amp and get the benefit of an active design.


My amp is an ATI 3002. I don`t want to go with active `s but I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks

How about Joseph Audio Pulsar2? I've not heard them but have heard their bigger brother the Perspectives twice now and they sounded amazing. From reviews the Pulsars sound similar but without the low end.

I think with the 4 subs you have, your choice for standmounts can be endless as you'll have no issues with the low bass. I'm using Elacs Vela BS 403 with no sub. Whats the budget?

second the Joseph"s, best bookshelfs i've ever heard, i owned the original version for a couple of yesrs

Hard to suggest with no budget.

As far as non- head vice sound.

the MBLs do it best but new start

at $12k last I looked.

I use ATC SCM19's with 2 subs and am also very pleased with the results.

If you want speakers that disappear these do it well. 

They like a lot of power and your amp should drive them well.

They are very transparent to source. I have upgraded components to feed them better signal and have been sweetly rewarded. 

If in your budget the "professional" SCM20PSL's have better tweeters. The tweeters in the "entry series" SCM19's are great, they just roll off a little early. I have Townshend Supertweeters on top of mine to great effect. 

They integrate well with subwoofers since they are a sealed box design and the bass rolls off smooth and gradual. 

Endgame speaker for me. (Granted with subs and supertweeters.)

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Budget upper limit is around $5K used.

I do want a disappearing act set of speakers. Heard the Sonus Faber Olympica 

 Nova 5`s back in the fall and really liked what I heard.

If I could get that sound from a set of bookshelves I`d be set 😋


Budget upper limit is around $5K used.  I do want a disappearing act set of speakers.

Wait for a nice pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars to show up.  JA speakers pull off one of the best disappearing acts in the biz and will be well worth the wait. 

Thanks soix, are the graphene the ones to get or will the older version be fine too ?

From what I’ve read the Perspective II is a meaningful upgrade but with the Pulsar the improvements are not as dramatic.  If budget is an issue I’d have no problem getting the original Pulsar and think you’d be absolutely thrilled with them.  Just my $0.02 FWIW. 

"What do you think of the Harbeth 30.2 XD ?"

I’ve owned every Harbeth minus the M40. I am now using the Super HL5 Plus. IMO, it is the best Harbeth that I have owned. You can get them within your budget. These are priced real fair. Those stands sell for $1600 alone!

Harbeth Super HL5 Plus XD Bookshelf Speakers; SHL5+ XD; Walnut Pair w/ Stands - The Music Room (

+ whatever for Harbeth, I have the 30.2 XDs with a pair of REL subs, love them. The HL5s yogi posted look like a good deal.

They are not the best for loud rock though, which is fine for me, rock is not what I sit down and pay attention to, but everyone once in a while I get the urge to look for a "rock speaker" maybe Tannoy (in addition to the Harbeth’s), ) but I digress...

Dynaudio 20is. Great sounding room filling and easy to drive. There is a mint pair being offered now on us audiomart I didn't check to see if they were listed on Agon.  Get them and you will never look back. The I version is a pretty newer model.

+whatever for the Joseph Pulsar Graphene.   They are the best small stand Mount speaker I’ve heard.   The Audio Physic Spark is the second best.   Third for my ears is the ProAc Super Tablette Signature.   All need to be well paired with subwoofers.



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Looks like I have a lot of good suggestions !

I`ll do my homework so that when the right pair pop up I`ll be ready (I hope)

To get a taste of what stand mount/bookshelves will sound like with my subs I took the bass section jumper bars off the Revels.

I`ll have a listen later on...should prove interesting. 

Marten Parker Duo are fantastic. Not sure if you can find used for $5k, maybe for $6k.

I personally use Canton Reference 9K and is very happy but they are a lot cheaper and not as good as the Marten's.

Boenicke W5 are great. Fyne has some great stand mounts too.

Plus another one for Joseph Audio used. The original Pulsars were superb speakers as were/are most all of what he designs. If you have the bottom end, you cannot go wrong with the Pulsars, newer or original. Good luck.

Hello SCM!  The Golden Ear BRX are very good for the money. Much betteer than one might expect. I use them in a recording studio, Happy Listening.