Thinking about getting a R2R DAC

Dear community,

I currently have a chord qutest DAC. I like it a lot, very full sound, accurate detailed and exciting.  However, whenever I go back to vinyl (with a well-recorded nice pressing) I find the sound so much more satisfying.  There is a warmth, yes, but there is a presence, a 'there-ness' that I just don't get with the digital.  I'm wondering if an R2R DAC would get me closer to that?  my budget would be around the same as the qutest.  I was looking at the MHDT Orchid or the Border Patrol.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the Qutest.  I am thinking of putting it in the upstairs system to pair with the Node2i I have up there.  Any thoughts?  Will analog always just be a different animal than digital?

Currently in the main system I have a Sonore uRendu feeding the Qutest which is going to a LTA MZ2 going to a Pass XA 30.5

@adam8179  .. congrats! 

As others have mentioned, give it some time to settle in. I ran mine with the stock tube for quite some time before changing it out with a WE396A (D getter, JW military version). To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical and hoped the tube change wasn't a waste of money. I wasn't disappointed in the least. In fact, I'll soon be ordering another for backup. Best of luck. I hope the Pagoda brings some of that "there-ness" you're seeking. 
Well @adam8179 enjoy! If you ever want to get rid of your Qutest drop me a DM :-D
In skimming this thread I didn't see them mentioned so thought I'd shout out to Kitsune' / Holo Audio.  I first went with the Holo Spring Kitsune' edition R2R from a standard chip DAC and loved the improved sound. R2R for me until some kind of audio breakthrough happens.
Since then I moved the spring to another system and got the Holo Audio May for my main 2 channel.  Terrific sounding!
Yeah same, I borrowed an early Holo Spring L2 discrete R2R dac and was blown away at how good everything sounded from my CD collection, real "meat" on the notes, especially on the midrange, very dynamic and transparent, then I switched it to NOS mode and things got even better. It better my Linn CD12 R2R and that was very good.

After I sent it back to the the owner, I got myself a MSB discrete R2R and same thing again and have never wanted to upgrade the front end again.
Note: these discrete R2R dacs show up CD transports, you need to have a good one.

Cheers George