Thinking about an upgrade

My set up currently is based around a Primaluna Prologue 1 and Paradigm Studio 40's, with an HSU sub.I have been very happy exploring all my music with this, but now I'm ready to think about an upgrade. I listen mostly - maybe more true to say I listen critically mostly - to classical music, jazz a close second. Rock and pop not so much.

A favorite in our our house would be Dvorak's 9th symphony. Now, Dave Brubek's Time Out is glorious on the Primalune/Paradigm set up, but bigger orchestral pieces get choked, and I can feel the limitations of the separation and the soundstage.

So I was wondering if I need to go a different direction and look at something based around B&W 805's? I heard a pair of 803's through a Bryston amp recently and it took my breath away. Just beautiful separation and the soundstage was huge! I can't afford that, but it got me thinking.

My conundrum is that I really like the rich warmth of the tubes and the Paradigms. I tried a pair of Totem Arrow's and just hated how harsh they were in comparison.

So am I going to find the same thing with B&W and an SS amp?
I'd recommend auditioning Dynaudio monitors in your budget, the Nola Boxer, and, if you can swing it, Penaudio.
The 804 Diamonds look really nice, would be a big step up from the Paradigm 40s.

Also look at the Gallo offerings on Agon, many great deals on very good speakers. Very fast, sweet mids and top-end, excellent dispersion...

Can I still consider driving those with the Primaluna? I always thought that something like B&W 805 or 804 needed more power than my tube am could deliver.