Thinking about a Zesto Andros 1.2 to replace the John Curl PS in my Audible Illusions M3B

I am new to vinyl. Have been putting together a rig for over a year. Woodsong 301, Ortophon 309, Myajima Shalabi, Stealth Hyper Phono, Audible Illusions M3B with the John Curl gold phono board.
This rig has only been playable for 2 days. Surely, most elements need to be broken in. However, I think I now hear the basic sound. Not getting into all elements of my system, I am a SET guy (300B). Believe I am now hearing good sound but also believe I am hearing the SS sound of the Curl phono board. The best analog sound I have heard was at RMAF. A lessor system but a Zesto Andros phono stage. Not only does it look more beautiful than any component I know, it sounds like it looks-rich, musical and beautiful! I kept going back to that Zesto room just to enjoy the Zesto. It was the best sound at the show. And like I said, in a relatively modest system.
Right now, listening to the best recording yet! Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall. It sounds great. But I will never forget the lovely sound of the Zesto. Should I pull the trigger and go for an Andros 1.2?
Zesto Andros1.2 will have better stage,better depth,better timbre and better speaker control.Jump on one ASAP!!!
The Zesto will set you back about as much as the Audible Illusions. It's your money...spend it any way you want. You seem sold on the Zesto, so go for it! In fairness, 2 days is NOT a reasonable break-in period.
When I had a AI preamp the MM phono stage was the best thing about the preamp. I loved it with a scout and Soundsmith Zephyr cart.
The phono stage of the Audible Illusions, especially the John Curl good etched phono boards are the reason you buy an AI to begin with. You mentioned that you have had it two days, so I am assuming you bought it new, which is not enough time to get acquainted with it. The Zesto is certainly a fine phono in its own right but feel you need to spend some time with your new purchase before second guessing yourself. Enjoy the music
Is there anyone who has owned a Zesto Andros phono stage?Too blue,
Enjoy indeed!
Now listening to about my 10th album. The Curl phono stage and cartridge are just starting to open up and the sound is lovely. Not overly SS sounding. I think the Mayajima Shilabe midrange forte is shinning through. And with my SET amps and the SE tube Audible Illusions the warm analog sound of the system is beautifully there.
I think with the Garrard 301 old, mediocre recordings are sounding lovely. Would I have more bloom and detail with the Zesto, yes. Would I enjoy it $6k++ with a good IC, maybe...

Please note also, you can load that phono stage by inserting resisters into sockets of different values on the boards internally. Just let that bad boy break in and you will find in a short time, about 200 hours, you will just settle in and forget about it. Enjoy the music
Thanks too blue!
The Zesto is certainly a “bright shinny object”. And it also must be the most beautiful looking component ever. I do already hear the beauty of the AI and Curl. Think there may also be a unity of sound that I could lose with the Zesto and another IC. I’m already starting to forget about it. Thanks.
Well certainly enjoy your new preamp, but you know the nature of the beast when it comes to upgrades. Enjoy the music
Dear @mglik  : Good that you followed the rigth @tooblue advise.

Look, even with out the JC board the AI is better performer than the other one and you can know trhough its specs. The Zesto is really bad in the most important subject in any phono stage that's the RIAA weq. and its frequency deviation is over 0.5 db against lower than 0.2db in the AI and with the JC 0.1db. Other important characteristic is that the Zesto has very high output impedance that affects the high frequency where the AI has a lot lower output impedance.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,