Thinking about a Steinway Lyngdorf system

I'm thinking about jumping in and going with a Steinway Lyngdorf Model B speaker / amp / controller system. They have the same philosophy towards sound as I have, active, crossover inside the amp, DSP controlled, upgradeable, designed as a complete system, among other things. Does anyone have any listening experience with the Steinway Model B? 


@kota1 I really didn't like my headphones when I first got them and a Naim HP amp. What was wrong was I didn't burn them in long enough they sound great now. I have the Focal Stellia they are comfortable and are closed which is what I wanted open headphones don't make a lot sense may as well use speakers. Sony makes great headphones, Sennheiser HD-25s are a little dark but are comfortable very consistent and the industry standard for production sound, the more expensive Sennheisers sound bad to me I never liked them. I would say go with some very good Sonys they should be set up for your amp perfectly. I did listen to many very expensive headphones at the last audio show and they were very different sounding and the power amp requirements were very different. 


I would say definitely buy the normal headphones, I bought some in ear phones 1500$ by Sure and they sounded good but simply didn't have any air at all, I think in ear phones are useful in very noisy situations but for normal listening they are missing the air around the musicians.