Thinking about a Steinway Lyngdorf system

I'm thinking about jumping in and going with a Steinway Lyngdorf Model B speaker / amp / controller system. They have the same philosophy towards sound as I have, active, crossover inside the amp, DSP controlled, upgradeable, designed as a complete system, among other things. Does anyone have any listening experience with the Steinway Model B? 



Sounds like a win/win, nice to know you got a good room.

BTW, my active speaker journey continues, got a pair of DefTech W9 active on the back porch, a pair Paradigm Active Shift A2 on the desktop, a single active A2 in the kitchen. The Deftechs are small and sound huge, even on the porch with 0 acoustic treatments, can’t believe the amount of bass they throw. Also added a third active sub on my back wall, off the floor midway between the floor and the ceiling, posted a pic. The Sony dac has been a great addition, I have my streamer, CDP, and DAP connected to it and set it to remaster everything in DSD. Nice upgrade to typical streaming. The headphone amp of it sounds great too, now I need to upgrade the headphones. Can you recommend a balanced pair?

I've never heard the Steinway system, but I can say I lust after their gorgeous remote control!

@prof I cleaned my Steinway grand for the first time yesterday, I was amazed at the craftsmanship every part of it was perfect.

@kota1 You'll appreciate this, the Steinway salesmen goes all over the world listening and talking to people about very expensive sound systems, we talked about how I felt it was so important to have the amps, crossovers, and speakers designed for each other and that Steinway was the only company that did that in a complete way, you can't even insert a normal speaker cable or interconnect every single piece of the system is designed by Lyngdorf / Steinway. He did say that there are problems with amps in the speakers because of the vibration and they don't even want you to put the equipment on the wrong material. They took a piece of equipment with long cables (network cables) and set it on 5 different types of material like glass wood stone and such and each material sounded different. This guy form Steinway was not an audiophile that was into esoteric accessories with non scientific tendencies, in fact he said the engineers at Steinway / Lyngdorf are all old school scientific and numbers people they are testing all the time. 

@kota1 I would really like you to tell me how you are remastering in DSD? Are you using it as a playback format from other formats, or are you getting DSD originals? I'm probably misunderstanding, how would copying to DSD make anything sound better? 


The Sony TAZH1ES has a DSD remastering engine:

according to Sony “combines a high-performance DSP (digital signal processing) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) to convert any signal into DSD128 signals. It was designed based on the know-how garnered from Sony’s 8-times oversampling and Extended SBM (Super Bit Mapping) technology for professional recorders.”

see page 28 in the manual: