Thinking About A Change

Thinking about selling my beloved red cherry B&W N804s (purchased new in 2001) for a pair of new Legacy Classic HDs. Any thoughts on this? Any recommendations other than the Legacys? Thanks.
What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you and what areas would you like to improve upon? Tough to make any meaningful recommendations without having some idea of these.
Have you actually heard the Legacy speakers? Why do you want them in particular?
No, I haven't heard them. Spec-wise, they seem to fit the bill ... ribbon tweeter, good bass, and great midrange. The only thing lacking in the N804s is a more robust bass, although it is tuneful and not overpowering. I guess I could try a subwoofer, but I have never been a fan of them. Legacy is a very well-made speaker. I would really like to hear them, but that does not seem to be possible. I know that they can be auditioned from the company directly, but they charge full list price for that convenience.
Instead of playing the same old game, maybe look at speakers that leverage new technology? Spatial Computer or Emerald Physics for example. I think Legacy does so as well using active crossovers. Go to some shows if possible.
Never, and I repeat, never purchase speakers blind. This has REGRET written all over it! You know you love your current speakers, and though the Legacy's might (might) have better bass, they also may do something you really do not like.
You guys are right ... I guess it was the Gear Acquisition Syndrome that got the best of me. Who knows ... maybe the auditions will convince me to stay with my current speakers. Thanks for talking me down.
"The only thing lacking in the N804s is a more robust bass"

I was doing some consulting work for a high-end audio dealer in the early 2000s and got to hear the 804s directly compared to several other brands. I don't mean this to be a jerk, but the 804s more often than not fell short in several areas other than the bass. A lot of speakers sound just fine until you compare them to something else, so I think getting out to audition other speakers is a great idea. And good dealers will often let you borrow speakers to bring home for a day or two that would be even better.

To get specific, there was virtually nothing the Joseph Audio RM25s did not do markedly better than the 804s. The highs were as detailed but more refined, midrange was clearer and more open sounding, the imaging and soundstaging were on another planet, they disappeared more readily as a sound source, and the bass went considerably deeper and with more impact (although the RM25s themselves are still not bass monsters -- they only go to the low 30s -- it's just the 804s are relatively quite limited in this area). Obviously this is just my opinion that may be very different from what you hear, but Joseph Audio is one you should check out if you can while you're out and about. Others off the top of my head that would be worth checking out if they're available near your area:

- Silverline
- Reference 3A
- Von Schweikert
- Usher

Legacys get good reviews (so do the models listed above), but ribbon tweeters can be polarizing and personally I wouldn't want to deal with shipping speakers back if they don't work out -- but then agian that's me. Your speakers are now about 12 years old and there have obviously been lots of improvements over that time (including the 804s themselves) so you may well find this in the end to be more than just a bad case of GAS -- Gear Acquisition Syndrome as you put it. Anyway, have fun getting out there and hearing lots of speakers and hope this helps in some way. Best of luck.
Crap, forgot to mention PSB and GoldenEar as well.
Thanks, Soix. Good advice.
Get to a show. Buying any speaker based on driver type is a complete shot in the dark. Get to a dealer or a show to hear them.

Some of the worst speakers use very high tech drivers. Some of the best speakers use ordinary looking drivers (and ordinary looks and general type of driver don't mean they are not very, very good).

And what works in one room might not work in another.
Get Magico S1 be a sport!!
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