Think i need a new cart, old audio technica?

Guys, i think my denon DL110 is in need of replacement. Its been through some rough treatment with me moving so often. I have an uncle who purchased a pioneer TT with a audio technica cart. I would love to know what the cart is, but he lives in TX, and refuses to take it out of the headshell for a model number. I figure its vintage 76-78 or so, it was purchased shortly after his NEW crown IC-150 preamplifier, if this gives any idea of age. He bought a new stylus for it in the early 90s and It ran him 150-200 if i remember correctly. I really like this cart and would love to have one. Anyone have ANY idea what it is, and if you do, can you reccomend a cart that sounds simaler to it??
BTW... im game on used cartridges, and it will take me awhile to even save up for a 300 or so cart.

I am using an oracle alexandria with a well tempered classic arm btw.. parasound PPH100 phono pre.

Thanks so much guys - Evan
Hi Evan, I recently got an Audio Technica 13E with a vintage 'table I bought and I loved it: very detailed and neutral, but with much better bass than current A-T cartridges. I've also recently auditioned a TK7E, which was fabulous and musical and beautifully-built: its smaller brother the TK5 is available NOS from Conus at under accessories, and it's also incredibly well made. Only a hundred bucks, and I bet it's a killer! Good luck, and let me know if it's any good when you get a chance to audition it, if you spring for it.
Why not retip the 110? It's fairly inexpensive to do so.
The hot AT cartridges at the time were the AT15Sa and AT20Sa. I believe that they were the first cartridges with the radical Shibata stylus profile. The current AT440ml, which sells for less than $100.00, is similar in sound with a less radical Microline stylus.
Cool guys, I will look into it. I had the denon up and running for several years now. Im just ready to give something new a try I guess. Im going to have the cart professionaly checked, it may be just fine.

FWIW, IMO the Denon 110 sounds better than the AT 440. The AT 440's high end it a bit splashy and somewhat enoying.
Ended up getting a sumiko blue point, much better!