Think I'm going to try tubes...

I just hafta know what all the fuss is about, however there are no tube shops near me and I won't be able to preview any of them so I need your advice!! I have the dynaudio contour 1.8 speakers which aren't very sensitive (86db)but are impedence matched to 4ohms so it shouldn't put too much stress on the tubes. I was thinking a KT88 pentode since they seem to offer the highest output for the price and I've narrowed it down to three choices- Prima Luna II, Jolida 502b and the ASL AQ1001DT. Which one do you think will be the best mate with my Dyns and why? I'm realistic and willing to give up some of the speed and impact of my solid state gear for that tubieness, however it must be able to play some rock without sounding like molasses.
You might also consider the JJ828. They can be had here for not too much $$$ (relatively speaking), and are very fast and dynamic. They run a quad of KT88s per side, and have a volume control, 5 inputs, and a remote control, so you don't need a pre. They are cool looking and available in a number of color combinations (my favorite is the black wood finish with silver metal). The only down side is that they might not sound tubey enough.
I don't think one has to give up on any "speed or impact" with tubes. Here are two suggestions. Manley 100wpc monoblocks. Or for less money the Cary Rocket 88R. You will of course need a suitable preamp as well.
You might want to try a tubed preamp with a solid state amp with the Dynaudio's. That way you can get a taste of tubes and still be able to drive the Dynaudios.
I agree with tubes pre and SS power, I have brutally hard electrostat speakers that most tubes cant power, added a tube pre and I am very happy!
tube preamps with ss amps is a common combination... (said the guy with the Supratek pre & the McCormack & Gallo amps)