Think fast: What would you take?

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Pandemics, riots, rain, no rain, economic turmoil, comets...
Now we have devastating fires. 
One of my audio buddies is waiting in an evacuation center, awaiting the horrible news that he's lost his home. A couple others are at level 2 ready to abandon their homes. These guys are the best audiophile guys you could ever hope to have around. You probably know them.
With light rain in the forecast (Monday), I feel fairly safe.
But, I have collected one small suit case, just in case. My car will be loaded with camping gear. A photo album. Maybe a friend or 2.
Of the items in my listening room, I know I can't take any equipment. Maybe a couple Lps? No, I could replace those. 
So, I ask you: What would you take?
Hopefully, you'll never be in such a situation.
I've read where some good Germans had the way of looking at things. 
Funny.......I was thinking the same in reverse.  Agree or I disparage you. Seems to be everywhere. Germans will be happy to know the torch has been passed.
Truth is truth.   What varies is how much one cares. 
Funny, agree or I disparage you was not what I said, meant, or implied. When a minority subset of a country is systematically oppressed and killed at a rate 3Xs higher than that of the rest of the  country, there is no middle or neutral ground to reside on. Nor, are there various truths, unless one is rationalizing.

And, the only Germans that I know of who are happy to know the torch has been passed are the extreme right wing factions who wish to go back to the "good Germans" times and start anew.

All the best,
Your pets for sure, and maybe the Mrs depending how much grief she gives you !! Kidding aside any hard drive or digital music library ,if not top Favorite hand full of records.