Think fast: What would you take?

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Pandemics, riots, rain, no rain, economic turmoil, comets...
Now we have devastating fires. 
One of my audio buddies is waiting in an evacuation center, awaiting the horrible news that he's lost his home. A couple others are at level 2 ready to abandon their homes. These guys are the best audiophile guys you could ever hope to have around. You probably know them.
With light rain in the forecast (Monday), I feel fairly safe.
But, I have collected one small suit case, just in case. My car will be loaded with camping gear. A photo album. Maybe a friend or 2.
Of the items in my listening room, I know I can't take any equipment. Maybe a couple Lps? No, I could replace those. 
So, I ask you: What would you take?
Hopefully, you'll never be in such a situation.
Stilgreen;  not once have I brought any form of politics into this discussion.  My reply had nothing at all to do with politics but was a response to the OP original post regarding riots and others misinformed responses regarding guns for the "protesters"

also, not once did I insult anyone.  

the OP discussed what to take, but also described which circumstances would force him/her to leave and take items.

That and the several subsequent replies from others prompted my response.

If you don't care or don't want to hear it, then fine.  keep your head in the sand.

This is the same uninformed argument surrounding the response to people that peacefully protested police abuse by knelling while the anthem was being played.

It is amazing how for certain people they are more upset about the kneeling that about unarmed non confrontational people being murdered on video right in front of them .  That tells me all i need to know about the "humanity" of some.

So my original assessment and response stands.

One on my very best friends (who happens to be white) didn't believe a word of this until he personally witnessed it happening to me by university teachers and by police many times.  It was simply unheard of and couldn't possibly be true until he physically saw it happening to someone he know quite well.

I guess telling people is one thing, but either having it happen to you or yours or watching it is something altogether different.  For those of us with compassion and understanding that is.  

However, that can't be altogether true either, because, in the age of video, people still refuse to acknowledge it is happening or keep denying it anyway.

And yet some wonder why there is so much hurt and anger.

apologies if my response insult or hurt you.  Was and is not my intent. my intent was to reply to the OP original post and the many responses subsequent, with truth and understanding.

As long as people keep their head in the sand or forcefully deny what other's that are experiences this are saying, there will be anger.  

it will take the entire village to right these wrongs.
Is it possible, that many truths can coexist? That ones truths are based on ones experiences, and those might be different than yours, leading to a different view of the world? I believe that  is what you are attempting to say, and yet it runs counter to your then calling others truths ignorant or even worse. The beauty of varying opinions is that if everyone listens we can find a way to a good outcome. From this vantage point, you are the one that appears to be closed minded. I was young and fully enlightened once too. Good will pass. 
I've read where some good Germans had the way of looking at things. 
Funny.......I was thinking the same in reverse.  Agree or I disparage you. Seems to be everywhere. Germans will be happy to know the torch has been passed.
Truth is truth.   What varies is how much one cares.