Think fast: What would you take?

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Pandemics, riots, rain, no rain, economic turmoil, comets...
Now we have devastating fires. 
One of my audio buddies is waiting in an evacuation center, awaiting the horrible news that he's lost his home. A couple others are at level 2 ready to abandon their homes. These guys are the best audiophile guys you could ever hope to have around. You probably know them.
With light rain in the forecast (Monday), I feel fairly safe.
But, I have collected one small suit case, just in case. My car will be loaded with camping gear. A photo album. Maybe a friend or 2.
Of the items in my listening room, I know I can't take any equipment. Maybe a couple Lps? No, I could replace those. 
So, I ask you: What would you take?
Hopefully, you'll never be in such a situation.
+1 Nonoise. Good luck, OP. Nice to see you can keep your cool and your perspective. It's hot enough outside -- you don't need the fevered dreams of others to make things worse. None of us do.
We had a similar situation here in NJ back in 2012 with hurricane Sandy. In audio terms take any rare valuable collectable albums/recording you might have. Then I would take a lot of pictures of your home every inch if possible. Open every cabinet, closet, drawer, attic, garage, shed, etc, for insurance purposes. Also take any receipts and proof of purchase for any expensive items you might have. All of this will help if needed for insurance replacement.

I pray the flames pass you by and none of this will be necessary.
Other than the paranoiac ravings, there is some good practical advice in this thread.  If you have time to prepare get some cash from the bank.  Make sure you have your medications.  Pet supplies, if needed. 
Some cash ( still king!), passports, birth certificates, essential change of clothing and toiletries.
Cats if I could round them up.
All loaded into most dependable car I have fully gassed and ready to roll in an instant.
MC, quit with the political whinings.... get some cheese to go with it!
You are not helping anybody here!
Good luck Oregon, Florida just has hurricanes to dodge!