Think a 45 watt tube amp will drive Revel F-30's?

The Revels sensitivity is rated 87dB spl with 2.83rms@1m
6 0hms nominal 3 ohm minimum
I sometimes listen a little loud but never enough to hurt the ears at close range.
The room is about 16 x 18
I am thinking of trying an integrated, something like the Prima Luna, Cayin A88t or Rogue Audio Cronus.
I had the Revel F32 paired with a Primaluna Dialogue and felt they played well at medium to low levels, my room is also large, around 16x22. The Primaluna amps with Kt88's are known for there ability to drive all different types of speakers. The F30's are known for there great bass extension I would not be expecting the slam you could get out of a 300w solid state , but rather a more delicate/ articulate sound in the lower frequencies. I have been very pleased switching from solid state to tubes and feel the overall sonic benefit is much improved.
Good Luck
hi, I have revel f-52s with rogue audio m 150 monoblocks
and love the two together. the revels like power for bass controll and I dont know if 45 wpc is enough, you will just have to try it and see ! the older f30s are still one of my favorite speakers, and I have heard them driven well by tube amps from different manufactures , but usually
with more power.good luck ! chris sain
It will drive the Revels but the match is far from ideal.