Things that have fixed Gale GT2101 turntables

Mine is getting fixed. There is a TIS91 or TIS93 (bit hard to tell) general purpose amplifier on the motor pcb which has failed. It's very rare bit of kit ... but asking in case someone on the forum knows someone, or once read someones posting somewhere. The question is: has anyone fixed one of these turntable controller/motor units and if so, what was the issue and what was the "bit" which fixed it.
It looks like the TIS91/93 has blown up from over-voltage so something else in the chain has caused this, and it would be nice if that's a known fault from someone else, and may point out the suspect bits elsewhere in the circuits which caused it to blow, or might also be blown due to the over V. Kinda don't expect an answer as it's thought that approx only 200 were made.... but here's hoping.
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