Thin speaker cable

I know that 47 Labs make a super thin speaker cable. I am looking for something equal in size or smaller. Cost is an issue but i require something s few steps up from electrical wire
van den hul makes a superb thin cable....its used in a lot of studios. its very inexpensive compared to most
Three excellent super thin cables to try would be the Speltz Anti-cables at about $60 a pair, the Audience Au24's at about $700 a pair, and the Audio Teknes at about $1300 a pair.

The Teknes are the best I've heard, but the Anti-cables are quite possibly the best in the world if price is part of the equation.

I'm using Guerilla Audio's thin silver in my system. It is a marked improvement from Signal Cables Ultra Bi Wire and the Speltz Anti's I have used before

Good Luck
Interesting experiment-CAT-5. Cheap as heck ultra-thin wire. The mid-range will leap out at you even if the bass does go the way of the Dodo. Never compared it to expensive ultra-thin wire but can only assume similar results.
There is absolutely no correlation between thin wire and its' ability to provide low frequency response. Ignore that tidbit.
Here is an interesting cable:

0.010 thick speaker cable

Sean mentioned years back about someone going thinner and thinner on I/C's and ended up using conductive paint. Not sure if the same holds true for speaker cable as I/C's but interesting.
i just posted something similar about 47 Labs cable. It's 26 gauge. I use 15' runs with no apparent degradation in sound, bass included. I also have my system strapped together with them as I/C's. Sound excellent
Haven't heard Sean's name mentioned in years.Excuse the hijack,Bob
I am enjoying the A23 SC very much. Synergy will
be just as important. Take all the suggestions that
interest you, and try to audition.
I am using a very thin 40' run of Maple Shade cable and am enjoying my Zu Definitions
I miss Sean too. I'd hazard a guess that he would be recommending Goertz Alpah-Core MI 2's.
I wasn't satisfied with anything on the market, so I made my own .003" 12 gauge SC.

The thinner the cable, the wider it has to be. Mine are 1.5" wide. IC wire requirements are very different from SC requirements. Paint won't do for SCs.