THIN LIZZY best album?

1 Bad Reputation. opium trail , my personal fav
my faves...1.jailbreak rose 3.bad reputation 4. live and dangerous...they all keep getting better, even johnny the fox
Vagabonds of The Western World
Live And Dangerous & Jailbreak.

I go with Live & Dangerous + Jailbreak...

But Black Rose is awfully underrated.
Right now I would have to say Bad Reputation
Jailbreak and Fighting
Bad Reputation is the one i keep coming back to.
One of my two absolute favorite bands (along with Badfinger). Though "Jailbreak" or "Live and Dangerous" are of course easy to list as number one, I'd have to go with "Black Rose" or "Bad Reputation." Both seriously underrated masterpieces by one of rock's most lamentably underrated bands.
I wonder if you will ever be able to get Badfinger Re-issues? I can't find any halfway decent vinyl copies anywhere.
Badfinger is sorely underrepresented in most areas, including reissues. I haven’t seen any on vinyl—other than a Rykodisc LP reissue of “Day After Day Live”—but DCC (under the auspices of Steve Hoffman) did gold-disc versions of “No Dice” and “Straight Up.” They sound fantastic, though they go for big money on the collector’s market.
Bad reputation - although I like 'em all...

If anybody out there has UK Vertigo pressings of Night Life or Fighting, please send me an e-mail!
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