Thin label stickers for cd-r case sides?

Hi all,
I've been doing a lot of cd burning lately, mostly bootlegs of live music. I use Mitsui's which are great and come with an insert card to write a track list. However when I put these discs in my rack there's nothing on the side to let me know what it is. Is there perhaps a long skinny stick-on label that I could buy to label my cd cases? Or is there some other answer I'm missing? Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any potential help.
Label making device $20 from Brother called the P-Touch.
It can make labels on 3/8 inch wide tape... the good part is it can do TWO ROWS in that 3/8 inch. The letters for the two row style are about just the right size for the side of a thin burner case. You can use the device and make the letters narrow without using the second row too. Excellent lettering too.
Disclaimer: I do not nor ever have endorsed burning discs from un-owned material, This response is answering a question about how to label a product, not the contents.
Great info! I needed it too. Arthur
fooling around I made a label and stuck it on a thin CD-ROM cover edge. PERFECT!! the letters are about 1/2 the width of the full thickness of the side, and are clear and easy to read.
ps: The item is sold at office supply stores, and Best Buy. The tape that the P-Touch uses comes in a variety of colors and text colors!!!
I have white/ black letters
Black/white letters
Red/white letters
yellow/black letters
gold/black letters
you get the idea.
also buy a lot of tape if you find a good selection of colors... often, all the tape is sold out ;^(
there are software programs for making the actual disk liners. I use a mac with toast software - it also has an excellent label making program. When you insert a disk it goes to the internet and get a song list. It then allows you to export that list to the label software. A true no-brainer.
Great news, I've been using an electric engraver (Dremel).
Thanks Elizabeth that's just what I was looking for! And don't worry, I'm labeling my Dead bootlegs I just recorded from tape to cd-r.
Oops!, in my experimental labeling, I noticed that the label does not stick too well to the plastic. The solution is to pre-wipe the area of the plastic case with some 90% alcohol. It will not damage the surface, but it removes the "mold release agent" off the case, and the P-Touch label will then stay stuck on properly.