Thiels or Von Schweikerts

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Alas, I live in a place where it's almost impossible to easily audition the audio gear I lust for. I'm very soon going to be in the market for a new primary pair of speakers, and I know I love the Thiel sound. Any thoughts on how they compare to Von Schweikerts as a rule? I'd be looking for speakers that retail new for under $3500 or 4K

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I heard both the Thiel 2.4 and the Von Schweikert VR-4 JR. My vote goes to the VR-4 JR. I was more impressed by the Von Schweikert than the Thiel. Since you mentioned you can't audition them yourself due to your location, try to read the professional and consumer reviews that's out there ( for these two speakers and see which one is more of your flavor/style of listening. They both are different in their own way. But like most have already said, Thiels are notoriously hard to drive in general, so make sure you got a good amp to support it if you go that route.

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Rustler has said he knows he "love(s) the Thiel sound". I haven't listened to VS recently enough to know how they compare, but they'll obviously differ from that sound. What I don't know is how well they'll appeal to a Thiel fan.

In any case, the two Thiel floorstanding models that fall within his stated budget are the 1.6 and the 2.4, and despite the reputation alluded to above, neither of these models are terrible bears to drive, particularly the 1.6, which is fairly easy to drive and the one I'd choose for a smaller room. The 2.4 will work in up to generous mid-sized rooms, the kind where you'd want some beefier power anyway (at least 100w or more).

As usual though, quality power will be rewarded with quality results. The corollary to the unspoken inference of the cautionary comments would seem to be that if your amp's not really great you'll be better off with Von Schweikerts. I don't know if that's actually true, but Rustler appears to have Adcom amplification, so this might apply, at least in the case of the more demanding and revealing 2.4.
Ive had both the Vr4jrs and Thiel 3.6,and 2.4 -I returned back to the 3.6 (should've never sold them) and have been smiling ever since -The 3.6 has more dynamic range than the jrs or 2.4s -All are good speakers, however, you will not see me going away from Thiel...P.S. "New and improved" doesn't always sound better
Although not side by side I have had the chance to audition both the VR4jr and Thiel 2.4 recently. To my ears in the systems they were in the Thiels were the better speakers. A sence of ease and flow the VR4jr could not compete with. Systems were both ampified with Ayre and the the preamps were VTL 5.5 with the Thiel and Ayre K5xe (I think) with the 4jrs. Sources were digital and analog with both. I admit to loving the Thiel sound. But I thought I would be more impressed with the VS speakers than I was.
Thanks to all of you; obviously I have to go and find speakers to audition! I love the way this split almost down the middle, with Thiel coming on strong down the stretch.


the rustler