Thiels 2.3 vs. Heron i:Just Different or Better?

I recently heard a pair of Thiel's 2.3 and was very impressed with their smoothness, excellent dynamics, and good to very good coherence.(Contrary to some magazine reviews, and posts on the GON, they were never harsh or bright sounding)Though, I was less satisfied with their imaging and soundstaging which were just average---though they were set-up only five feet apart, and used Analysis Plus Cooper speaker cable instead of the Oval 9 which my friend, the salesman, claimed is much better and a better match. The Thiels(similar to B&W) for all their merits did possess a bit of that "canned sound"---compared to what is often described by many audiophiles as a "liquid" and/or "natural" sound.... I realize this model is $3600, whereas the Heron "i" are $5500, but I am curious which speaker has more potential, that is, the ability to satisfy overtime and not get boring; which, I am convinced, has alot to do with musicality and timbral accuracy, but also good soundstaging. I have heard the ML Kestrel, and liked them, but not enough to buy. Therefore, can anyone who has either heard or owned Thiel 2.3 and Heron "i" share their experience and thoughts about these two speakers, or even similarly priced speakers. Both also are approximately the same size and I think appropriate for a medium to large living room, e.g. 15X18. All opinions and input welcomed!! Thank you and regards to all!! SJ
You haven't heard the Thiels do what they are capable of. I think the cables are not nearly as much of an issue as the placement. Five feet is way too little space for Thiels to show off their imaging and soundstaging. IMHO a minimumn of eight feet and better still about ten feet is necessary. As far as liquidity I think you'll find that everything upstream will effect these types of parameters. The Thiels do limit options due to their impedance load and power requirements. Good luck!
I agree with unsound that you didn't get a true appreciation of the Thiels, since their imaging when well setup is phenomenal. I personally prefer Planar Speaker and in that range the Magnepan 3.6 are unbelievable (but take a lot of space in a room visually). But the Thiels can sound just wonderful as long as you mate them with electronics that are neutral to dark (Krell is a bad match for example, Sim Audio would be good).
I agree with Fineberg that Magnepan 3.6's are a worthy alternative, but I like Krell with Thiels.