Thiel Tweeter issue

I have a set of used Thiel CS1.2's I recently bought cheap. Of course they were a little dirty, but at low levels sound great! At higher levels though, the tweeter sound harsh, and has got progressively worse. I am having an issue finding a 25TAC/GW-TH H420 60hm 26/90 tweeter replacement. Anyone know a solution? I would be willing to change both tweeters to match, if a different tweeter would be an improvement over the original. Any help would be great! thanks.
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if/when you find a replacement tweet, make sure that you replace each tweeter over both speakers. Continue to watch
both A'gon and eBay for these pieces of gear.

I love Thiel loudspeakers and consider them my reference.
Reproducing timbre is their strongest suit.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Have you contacted Thiel? They recently rebuilt the tweeter/midrange driver for my CS2.4 I contacted them by email, received a RMA number, and sent the driver to Lexington, KY. 48 hours after they received it they had it ready to ship back. Worth seeing what they could do or information they could give you.
Is/are the tweeter(s) damaged, or are you just trying to change the sound? What amplification are you using? How large is your listening room?
Seas 22MM Alu dome Tweeter

Above comes pretty close

Best of Luck

Thanks all, I will know better by next week I am sure. I did contact Thiel Friday night, so I hope to hear from them this week.

The tweeter seems to be damaged. at first I thought the woofer was torn or blown, but as it got worse over time, I was able to pinpoint its the tweeter. It has a harsh kind of buzzing/scratchy sound to it.

With metal I don't hear it much, but when I play Damien Rice, Angus and Julia Stone, ect.. I notice it enough, I change to my PSB speakers when playing that music.

Right now, they are just being played downstairs on a Yamaha Receiver and Denon cd player.
O.K., The CS 1.2's even with their 4 Ohm nominal rating are not that challenging a load for a Thiel. Still, that can be a struggle for many if not most receivers. Do check to see if your receiver is up to the task. Better amplification might be in order.
Keep in mind that though the CS 2's are floor standers, they're still only 2 ways. Driving them too hard for increased volume levels with am amp not up to the task will cause the amp to clip, which can cause just the kind of damage you've described. It would be a shame to have the tweeters repaired, only to have the same problem arise again. Appropriate amplification is of paramount importance with Thiels.
Much of Jim Thiel's design efforts were building cross-overs to work with and compensate around the specific drivers that he had custom made for his speakers used in specific models. As such I don't recommend just swapping out the tweeters with another brand that fits, or for that matter even off the shelf drivers from the original manufacturers used at that time that might appear to be the same, but were in fact not specific to Thiels order.

there are several pairs of the CS 1.2 models on eBay now.
Different price points should render you a very good price in picking up an extra pair of these loudspeakers.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
I heard from Thiel, I can get the tweeter rebuilt for $120.00. This problem came when I bought these. I only paid $100 for the pair, and I thought it was the woofer. So the way I see it, even if I spend $120 for the rebuild, I only have $220 in the pair invested.
Thanks! for sharing- Oak.

It is good to read that Thiel offers drivers for these old speakers. This really says a lot about the company and customer service in general.

When you receive your re-built tweet(s), let us know how they sound. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I am listening to these speakers again right now and hear a rattling sound again in one speaker.  Not sure its the same Tweeter that got fixed, or the other one, as the speakers have been moved around.  Not sure I want to spend another $120 to rebuild again.  
Ahh just took the covers off and its not the tweeter.  The rubber surround has come unglued from the cone and its flapping making the noise. 

which Thiel speaker do you own?
Keep me posted as you resolve this issue.
I have the CS 1.2's.  I asked Madisound about some replacement speakers and they recommended the  SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-4.

I run a pair of SB Acoustic SB17NRXS35-4 in the front of my Civic and LOVE them!  They say my 4ohm speaker is 170mm and these SB's are 4 ohm 171mm, so it should fit.

The other option is to get the original speaker repaired.

Honestly though based on my cars speakers I am almost willing to try it out.
Don't, a car can sound good with 4 speakers that cost 10 bucks for all 4.
Open both doors and stand a foot away and see how the sound is then .

I had a Nissan Maxima with 8 Bose 901 speakers in it , sounded fantastic .
My Car is a Coupe, so I only have 2 doors.  The stock speakers still run in the back But not real loud, I have always been a fan of front stage.
Doesn't matter how many doors you have, point is a car is easily pressured by sound, few rooms are . .
Nice! oak244

keep us posted on this cool project! Happy Listening!