Thiel SS2.2 added a new dimension

I've had Thiel CS3.7s for over two years now and I love them. Just added the SS2.2 subwoofer and am astounded at the improved sound--not only bass but the entire spectrum. If you ever get a chance to audition a subwoofer in your system, don't do it! Unless you have the bucks to buy it that is.
Definitely agree. It just extends the 3.7s into a full range Class A speaker :)

I love how Thiel took the guesswork out of integrating subs. So microphone needed. No crawling needed. Just dial in the distance the sub is from the nearest wall and voila. I use the S1 integrator which gives a bit more flexibility but does require I read the specs off the power amp and speaker manual. :)

In the past, I've found it hard to dial in just the right amount. What's ok for one track may be off for another. I get that even with Martin Logan's integrated sub unit on their electrostats.

Anyway I ended up with two of the SS2.2s :)
I have demoed a pair. Very nice but the price has always stopped me from buying them.
You have to stop viewing it as a subwoofer but a way of extending a limited range Class A speaker into a full range Class A speaker :)
Will the SS2.2 complement, say, the CS 2.2 or CS 2.4?

Happy Listening!
I was using the SS2 with the 2.4 :)

It does.
Nice, thanks for the post, would love to hear that setup.